When I was growing up, there were several cartoon shows that I watched almost religiously.  One of those cartoons was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It had great animation, humor, action, and snarky one-liners.  It was awesome and I loved it.  The theme music was really catchy and I would be excited to watch the episode.  My brother and I even had many of the action figures and would play out our own little episodes with them.  Those were great times.

There are a lot of newer cartoons that I don’t really get, but that’s probably just a combination of me being older and having such a nostalgic feeling towards my favorite cartoons growing up, and being disappointed that there aren’t really cartoons like those on anymore.  Well, once again, there is a new Ninja Turtles cartoon that’s being aired on Nickelodeon.  When I first saw the preview, I’ll admit I was a little skeptical about it.  The animation isn’t drawn, it’s computer generated.  I was also kind of excited, because I did love the TMNT movie that came out several years ago which was also computer generated.  Could it live up to my expectations?

I watched the premier of the new TMNT cartoon this weekend and I have to say, I love it.  The animation is actually very well done, and it has some very cartoony effects that seem to be inspired from anime for showing emotions.  It’s very comical.  The voice work was done very well and the new theme song is extremely catchy.  You can tell that it’s inspired from the original cartoon theme but made more ‘hip’.  Oftentimes this can be detrimental, but in this case it’s done very well, I think.

The storyline feels a little more ‘grown up’, if that makes any sense.  I’m not sure if it’s following the actual comic exactly or loosely (I’ve never read any of them, sadly) but it has certainly drawn me in.  When I watched it, I almost felt like a little kid again, getting excited to see the Ninja Turtles.  If you have any interest in TMNT at all, or were a fan of the original cartoon, then I would definitely recommend checking out this new cartoon on Nickelodeon.