It’s that time again, time for another Megaman 10 level review!  We’re calling it Megaman Monday (my wife’s idea), isn’t alliteration great?  I was originally thinking one level for every Monday, but after this latest one I might consider doing more next time.  These games have certain elements within them that have become a recurring theme in the series.  There are many like the disappearing platform blocks I mentioned in the previous level review.  There are of course the eight robot masters and usually the main antagonist is Dr. Wily.  The stages seem to stick to an elemental format: water, fire, earth, and wind.  By necessity they have to pull other elements out to have enough stages, so it suddenly becomes similar to Pokémon types: wood, rock, electric, shadow.  There’s something else that seems to bring its evil presence into each game: the spikes which bring instant death.

These spikes take many forms, but the main idea is always the same.  You touch these prickly bastards, and you die.  Whoever designed them though, “You know what?  That life bar you got there?  It doesn’t mean shit, you touch my spikes and you die instantly!”  Those spikes really piss me off to be honest.  One of the requirements for designing a Megaman stage must be that you have to be an asshole.  It’s their job to make sure you die several times trying to get to the boss.  These spikes happened to show up in the level that I played.  This boss stage was “Pump Man”.  I guess he shoots out air blasts and pumps water.  His head looks like an old fashioned well pump.  Apparently the story for Megaman 10 is that all of these robots had jobs / tasks that they performed for the community until a strange virus, Roboenza, infected them and made them violent and bent on world domination, that’s some crazy virus.  I wonder what Sheep Man’s job was?  Herding sheep I suppose.  Pump Man purified apparently purified the water and his stage looks like a water purification plant I guess.  There are lots of pipes with water coming out of them.

The stage had a lot of water but only about a third of it was actually under water and as soon as you reach that part, you encounter the insta-death spikes and also giant bubbles that try to trap you and lift you up into the spikes.  I died several times in this stage, and the stage itself was much more difficult than the boss.  I didn’t enjoy the stage, but maybe that’s because it annoyed me so much.  I felt the colors were a little too focused on green, reminding me of an original Gameboy game.  It seemed pretty bland to say the least.  This stage was challenging though and I was relieved that Pump Man was pretty much a push over because I didn’t want to play through it again.

To defeat him, I used the weapon I got from Sheep guy, whatever it’s called: electric wool, sheep-shocker, whatever.  When you use it a cloud shoots out and if that cloud hits the enemy it does a little bit of damage and then disappears.  If it doesn’t then it goes to the top of the screen and shoots down a lightning bolt for the enemy to run into, which is pretty cool, except you can only use it four or five times before you run out of the energy to use it.  I repeat, four to five times.  This makes it practically useless!  So I mostly used the main weapon, the Mega Buster, on Pump Mcfly.  He was a breeze; he jumped around generating a “water shield” made of little balls and then shooting those balls outwards around him.  I blasted him without taking much damage and didn’t die once trying to defeat him or learn his pattern.

My Pump Man statistics and ratings:

  • Boss oddity: 6/10
  • Stage likability: 4/10
  • Difficulty rating: 6/10
  • Number of deaths: 12
  • Number of curses at the game: 18
  • Final curse: None: this lamer gave me no trouble at all.  His stage on the other hand…