I’ve finally made the decision to play through the game Megaman 10.  I’m proud to say that I have played through Megaman 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9.  Not 8, no, I refuse to play through that game because it looks and feels like a Klik ‘n Play game, a well-made Klik ‘n Play game, but it just doesn’t have the polish that the others do, but I digress.  I think some may not understand the draw to play through a Megaman game.  At their best they’re frustrating, and at their worst they’re infuriating.  I believe Megaman games are designed to piss you off.  That’s the point, really.  You play: you die, you jump: you die, you shoot enemies: you die.  Each time you die though, you get a lesson in what not to do.  You learn as you go, and when you complete a stage, you get a real sense of accomplishment.  While playing through Megaman 10, I have decided to chronicle my journey here.  I would like to share some of that frustration with you and the many fun absurdities that come along with these great games.

In this posting, I would like to talk about the first stage that I’ve played through.  The way these games are structured is that there are several robot ‘masters’ that you have to beat before you can go after the main antagonist (typically Dr. Wily).  These bosses are usually named [SOMETHING] Man (except for Splash Woman in 9).  The first robot master that I decided to pursue was Sheep Man.  Wait… his name is Sheep Man?  You know you’re running low in the idea tank when you pull out Sheep Man.  So, I was expecting that maybe his stage would be a bunch of dumb sheep jumping over fences or something and maybe his power was to suffocate you with his wool.  Sounds lame I know, but I just didn’t expect much from a sheep.

His stage turned out to be a play on technology somehow.  There were some strange enemies that seemed like a stretch, even for a Megaman game.  One of the enemies was a mouse cursor, and it would click and drag a rectangle which would then turn into smaller ‘pixels’ of squares that would shoot at you.  I’m not exactly sure how technology relates to sheep.  I’m guessing the transition was:
Sheep -> Static Electricity -> Technology -> Clicky the Mouse Cursor Baddie.  Seems like quite a stretch to me.

Clicky the Mouse Cursor

Each one of these stages has a mid-level mini boss.  This stage had a giant light bulb which had to be powered up by running on a conveyor belt, then some blocks appear that you can jump on to get up to the same level as the bulb and shoot it, all while two asshole mini light bulbs, which kind of look like Metroids, try to attack you.  Each time the power goes out for the big bulb, electric shocks are sent out over the wires which you have to try to avoid.  I died at least five times trying to get past this dumb thing.

After having to cross several floor gaps by powering up small floor stands, I came upon one of the most common Megaman pitfalls: disappearing platforms.  These platforms appear and disappear in a certain order often forcing you to jump before the next platform reappears.  This requires dying many times to memorize the pattern.  The ones in this stage weren’t bad at all though, and I finally reached Sheep Man, bahhh.  Sheep Man shoots out electrical shots at you which alternates moving up and down as it comes at you, then he jumps into the air and creates several thunder clouds which spread out through the room and shoot down thunder bolts, after the bolts hit the ground, they travel along both sides of the room, so you need to jump over them to avoid getting hit.  I only died a couple of times trying to defeat this one and once I did I received his power: Thunder Wool, which creates a cloud that shoots out lightning bolts.  It’s hard to gauge the difficulty of this stage in the scheme of other stages I’ve played since I haven’t played in quite a while before this.  I found this stage to be relatively easy, but I know there will be more difficulty on upcoming stages.  I like to play on normal difficulty because I don’t think you can get credit for beating a Megaman game on easy and hard is just asking to put your head through a wall.  Overall this stage was kind of neat, but I think they could have done more with it.

My Sheep Man statistics and ratings:

  • Boss oddity: 8/10
  • Stage likability: 7/10
  • Difficulty rating: 3/10
  • Number of deaths: 10
  • Number of curses at the game: 20
  • Final curse: “Die sheep-fucker!